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At Studix, our diverse team boasts expertise in artificial intelligence, mathematics, statistics, and informatics.

Our senior data scientists are not only proficient in data analysis, but also possess extensive experience as full-stack developers. With a rich history of 20 years in artificial intelligence research, our team members have honed their skills in prestigious academic institutions like UiO and Cambridge, as well as through practical industrial applications.

We provide cutting-edge technology and consultancy services across a broad spectrum of applications in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science. At Studix, we're committed to delivering innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Research Partners

Reliable Chatbots with Domain Knowledge

Openly available chat models possess a general understanding of knowledge and concepts, derived from the corpus of text they were trained on. However, they lack specific knowledge of your webpage, your organization's data, or the products in your webshop. We can train a bot to comprehend various sources of domain-specific knowledge, ensuring it can assist your customers/users most effectively.

Openly available chatbots can also be unreliable, overly creative, and may engage in irrelevant conversations. We can make chatbots behave:

  • Reliably: If the bot provides the customer with information (such as opening hours, prices or product qualities, or other details), we ensure the bot is not creative, but accurately reports the information held by your company/organization.
  • Limited to application: Your bot will not respond to customers who ask it to write a poem, for instance. We limit the bot to only discuss the application at hand.

Text Analysis and Classification

We offer text analysis of extensive text corpora across a wide range of sources, such as customer correspondence, including emails, SMS messages, blog posts, comments, web pages, and more. We perform classification to:

  • Identify unhappy customers: We automatically scan emails, PDFs, SMS messages, and other correspondence to detect customers who are likely to leave. We can alert your company/organization about such customers who require special attention from your team.

Image Analysis and Classification

At Studix, we have experience in analyzing and classifying images for medical applications. We can assess images and identify handwriting or numbers on license plates, even under challenging and snowy conditions. The latest advancements in artificial intelligence have significantly expanded the possibilities for image analysis, making recognition more accurate than ever before.

Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech

We closely follow the developments in speech-to-text and text-to-speech technology, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and their capabilities. We can tailor specific solutions to meet your needs.

Custom Large Language Models for Applications in Biology, Finance, Text, Video, and More

We can build Large Language Models from scratch and tailor them specifically for applications in biology, finance, text, and video.

Recommendation Engines

We can provide recommendation engines for various areas such as:

  • Product recommendations
  • Content recommendations in education


Eivind Stordal, our CEO, has been awarded academic prizes for his work in Modeling and Data Analysis at the University of Oslo, regarding models for wave propagation. Additionally, he has received a McKinsey scholarship for his achievements in both academia and the business world. Co-founder and partner Ali Elmasoudi is a mathematician with expertise within statistical modeling and machine learning. Together they boast 20 years of experience in IT, banking (quantitative finance and structured financial products), and artificial intelligence.

At Studix, we're proud of our team's exceptional professional accomplishments and are dedicated to leveraging our collective expertise to drive innovation and success for our clients.


At Studix, we are constantly on the lookout for exceptional talent to join our team. We highly value candidates with PhDs or Master's degrees with excellent academic results in machine learning, statistics, and mathematics, as they possess the strong theoretical foundation and expertise needed to excel.

However, we also recognize that skills can come from unconventional backgrounds, and so we invite those without these specific qualifications to attempt our challenging assessment test.

If you're passionate about working in a dynamic and innovative field, don't hesitate to reach out and explore the exciting opportunities at Studix. Send us an email at with the subject "Application".